WordPress wants to download GZ File Thanks WP Super cache Plugin

Since the last update 1.4.5, there are problems with the WordPress plugin WP Super Cache. This causes not only errors but makes the website may unbrauchtbar.

Since yesterday I am all the time busy my websites to repair because they can no longer be open and instead are trying to download the PHP file as GZ. The WordPress error led to the fact that some posts have simply disappeared, causing a HTTP 500 error.

After a long search I finally came out that this issue through the latest version of the WP Super Cache plugin is caused. The problem with the GZ file to be downloaded to the occurs in all browsers. In some cases the home read but opened easily. The whole thing is quite annoying because even Google recognizes the error and many visitors shun the website.

For a long time I had no problems with WP Super Cache and was previously also always satisfied. However, the last night was quite a long time and I have to once calm. After I disabled the plugin on all installations of the error was corrected. But some problems can somehow no longer resolve.


In some forums there is talk of it, that the above problem is a server-side error and you only the compression option (so that they are delivered faster to visitors Compress pages.) To disable.But this I had always been active and had no problems. Because it can not be so. In addition, this entry is recommended, and I finally wants to achieve more rapid delivery to the visitors by WP Super Cache.

Of course you can also manually insert the compression option in the .htaccess file:

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text / html text / plain
text / xml application / xml application / xhtml + xml
text / css text / javascript application / javascript
application / x-javascript

Since the latest version of WP Super Cache is also no longer recommended but mod_rewrite PHP. Those who had previously set mod_rewrite should now consider whether the mod_rewrite rules are still present in the .htaccess file and remove. In PHP mode it does not seem to give the above problem with downloading a file.

Now there seems to be a solution, according to other interested. The plugin author has apparently replaced the new version, and thus is an error-free version available. Did you, however, you should disable it, delete and re-download the previously downloaded faulty plugin.Whether this is to be truly known the solution?

Alternatively, you can watch as I the previous version WP Super Cache 1.4.4: download (right click save as).


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